Open: the best student cities in the world of 2019.

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When choosing a good university for your course, it is always important to decide where to study or to make a year abroad, the city in which you choose to live is also very important-even more so that you can finish.

Whether it is a city with a good night life or a place with a lot of possibilities to work, choosing the right choice is crucial ..

So which cities are the best for students? In the annual rating of QS Student City, there is a decreasing level ...

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What is the QS Student City rating?.

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The annual rating of QS World University Rankings is considered one of the most widely read and authoritative educational ratings, and in 2014 they started issuing annual ranking of "Student cities"-also ...

Each year they list the top 120 cities that offer the best student experience based on a number of factors. This is:

While other surveys and ratings tend to focus on

In the past, the winners included Paris and Montreal-but which is the last city to come from above?.

What is the best student city in the world?

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Here is a complete list of the world's top 20 best student cities:

London gets the first marks for it.

It is interesting that only two American cities appear in the top 20-despite this.

Many European cities, including Paris, Munich, Berlin, Zurich and Vienna, can also do so.

Australia also ranked well in the city ranking, the third in Melbourne, and in Sydney it was in the ninth. He particularly appreciated the diversity of the students and the strong desirability ... of

A popular place for students from Great Britain to go and study, you can jump on the bandage by checking this.

The best cities in the United Kingdom for students.

As you may have noticed, London and Edinburgh are the only cities in the UK to make the global top 20. But that does not mean that they are the only cities in the country that are considered the best ...

Here are the 10 best student cities in UK*:.

Although London ranks first, most of Britain's best cities for students are in the North and Midland, as well.

In addition to London, Brighton is South, ranking 83rd in the overall rating. There are three cities on the border with Scotland: Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.This suggests that, despite the uncertainty of Brexit, Britain is still considered an attractive option for Britain.

However, the International Student Survey, which received 67,000 responses from potential candidates, found 39% of EU students believe that Brexit had a negative impact on their interest in studying in the UK ...Ciritating causes include the fact that Brexit is likely to make the UK more expensive to live, as well as potentially not very warm for EU students ...

The cheapest places to study in the world.

One of the biggest considerations for students when it comes to choosing somewhere to study or to make a year abroad is cost. The city can be amazing, but if you can't afford it.Urban accessibility is the ten cheapest cities in the world for students:

If you want to live as cheap, you will have to sacrifice some of the other factors that make cities so benevolent to students-none of the cheapest cities in the top 20 ...

While Kuala Lumpur has the best overall rating of the 10 cheapest cities, as a citizen of the EU, you are likely to receive.

If you want to stay at home, the best city in the UK is Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, where you will find some of the country's best nightclubs