“Where do you find the time? (to write)” Blog Hop and Giveaways!!!

“Where do you find the time?”

I’ve been asked that question a million times.

“Where do you find the time?”

Like anything in life you find time for things that are important to you, it’s about prioritizing. My children are my main priority, however, I need something that’s just for me as well. That’s what writing is, my “me time.”

People always say, “That must be impossible because you need it to be completely silent to think, right?”

Umm, no. I’m perfectly capable of thinking and expressing my thoughts in utter chaos every day. I have three and five year old boys, do  you think my house is ever quiet? When it is that’s when I get suspicious and have to investigate to see what mischief they’ve managed to get themselves into.

Time management for me is a constant battle. One I haven’t yet mastered. I sometimes wish I had a more set schedule without allocated times for everything, but then again, my husband and I have always been more spontaneous and that has led to some amazing experiences. Thus writing often happens at the most random times; 15 minutes here between prepping a meal and actually cooking it, 2 hours after the kids go to bed, 30 minutes while they watch a cartoon and so on. Is it ideal? No. But it works for me now. Life is constantly changing and I’ll continue to change with it as well. I’m flexible in that regard and I want my life to be in order to accommodate my kids. I did give birth to them to enjoy them after all.

I hope my children will look at me being a writer as a cool thing, something they’ll brag about to friends. “My mom makes up stories for a living. She takes people on adventures in her books and makes them think. She brings characters to life on television.” That sort of thing. I also think it’s important because literacy is so important to me. So being a writer is a direct connection to literacy for my boys. I feel like if you can read you can do anything.

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  1. Managing time is so difficult. Especially when so many unexpected things pop up. I do hope our kids think being a writer is cool. Wonderful post. 🙂

  2. I’ve learned how to write through the chaos, too. But I still love those stolen moments when I have an hour or two of quiet and can really get into the story.

  3. The one lesson that I’ve learned is that the busier you are, the more you make time for the things that are really important.

  4. That’s been the saving grace for me, too: learning to write amid the chaos of our lives.

  5. Sometimes in interviews I’m asked questions like, “What are your writing rituals?” and I always chuckle. I don’t have rituals. I don’t have to sit in a certain place with a certain song on or anything like that. You have to write anywhere any time you can!

  6. “Writing rituals?” That made me laugh out loud. I don’t think I have any writing rituals, other than just trying to sit down, close my office door, and get a few words written.

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