To do lists and play

Every single day I make a “to do” list. Rarely do I ever finish it. Is it disappointing? Sure, it could be, if I let it. Instead I think of it as something with room left for improvement, something to look forward to attempting to accomplish. I like the push of having too many goals and never being completely done. Odd? Perhaps. Then other days I think it’s depressing. Never finishing my lists and always having to look at it as defeat. Most of the time though I see it as normal. Aren’t we all too overworked and stressed? None of us have time anymore to connect to others and simply enjoy everyday life. It’s unfortunate. We are all so caught up in the rat race that we forget what’s important and twist our priorities all out of sort.

Tomorrow my to do will have a few necessary things; grocery shopping, weeding the yard, writing 1000 words and so on. However it will also have one new thing….play. Play with my kids, play in the grass, play in general. I’m going to try going into tomorrow with a more youthful attitude. Tomorrow I am going to play.



  1. Always make yourself a winner by making the first item on your list: Wake Up! See, instant winner!

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