Update time

So “Max and Wrigley” the show I’ve been working on for television is still a go. These things just take time…..lots of time. Animation doesn’t happen overnight. I will continue to keep you updated on the progress and share details as I am able to.

My youngest son is another year older, a reminder of the swiftness of this journey. My precious little boy is growing up and each day flip flops between the highs and lows of not wanting him to grow up because I enjoy his delightful laugh and thoughts of how much “easier” things will be in another year when he is able to do and that on this own. It’s a vicious cycle of emotions. Max

I’m started several books and not finished them either because I no longer had an interest in the story or couldn’t seem to tell it in just the right way. Right now I’m working on a mystery novel entitled “Castle in the Air.” It is loosely based on the events of the Crescent Hotel in Arkansas and Dr. Norman Baker’s pseudo cancer facility. I can’t wait to finish it and share it with all of you.

I have a lot more in the works, we’ll see where the rest of the year takes me. Hope all is well with you. Have a wonderful day!


I’ve probably made it known before that I don’t forgive easily. I’m the one who unfortunately holds grudges; as much as I try not to, it still seems to happen. This got me thinking…have I ever really given forgiveness to anyone…ever?

I don’t think so.

I imagine forgiveness as a crystal clear release where suddenly memory fails you and your body lightens; a sense of naivety in the air.  Pureness. Like innocence the moment before it is lost. It’s something so elevating that I can’t even truly comprehend the gravity of its existence. How do you forgive, truly forgive?

Maybe I put forgiveness up on too high a pedestal. It should be something I practice more often…then again, why should it? Shouldn’t people be more eager to do the right thing in the first place rather than the wrong and expect to be forgiven for their poor choices later? I think so. Sure we’ve all done things wrong, made bad decisions and wished on an occasion or two we could turn back time and give a situation another go. Forgiveness does have a place in this world. I just wonder if some people rely too heavily on its notion; that they can do wrong and still be forgiven so they can move on and continue to make more insensitive decisions.

I wish I did forgive more easily so I would at least understand what it felt like to really “let go” of something. Maybe I have and don’t realize it. But then, why would certain things still bother me so much? Are my standards of human decency too high?

To do lists and play

Every single day I make a “to do” list. Rarely do I ever finish it. Is it disappointing? Sure, it could be, if I let it. Instead I think of it as something with room left for improvement, something to look forward to attempting to accomplish. I like the push of having too many goals and never being completely done. Odd? Perhaps. Then other days I think it’s depressing. Never finishing my lists and always having to look at it as defeat. Most of the time though I see it as normal. Aren’t we all too overworked and stressed? None of us have time anymore to connect to others and simply enjoy everyday life. It’s unfortunate. We are all so caught up in the rat race that we forget what’s important and twist our priorities all out of sort.

Tomorrow my to do will have a few necessary things; grocery shopping, weeding the yard, writing 1000 words and so on. However it will also have one new thing….play. Play with my kids, play in the grass, play in general. I’m going to try going into tomorrow with a more youthful attitude. Tomorrow I am going to play.