Fall Update Q & A

Time for a little Q & A….

What are you working on?

More like what I am not working on. I’m the type of writer who always has five or six different things going on at once. I’ve just started a mystery novel loosely based on true events involving the “most haunted hotel in America.” I’m outlining several series ranging from childrens to young adult to even an adult cozy mystery novella collection. I am in various stages of development/writing/rewriting with the episodes for the childrens television series “Max and Wrigley.” I’m throwing around some development ideas for another kids’ series even, based on a feature I wrote and book series I plan on penning soon as well.

Let’s just say my mind never stops working. Now it’s simply a matter of getting it all done. Ha, ha.

What inspires you?

A little bit of everything; from things around me, what if scenarios, experiences and of course reading. I love getting carried away in a story. Even if the book isn’t the best I still want to finish it to see where it ends. I like the excitement of going on a ride with the characters during their adventures and always find myself emotionally involved in their journey.

Most embarrassing moment?

We’ll get back to that one later. It might appear in a book!


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