Reading is necessary for writing. The more you read the better a writer you will become. I am a firm believer of this these days.

I’ve been devouring novels like bean and cheese burritos (one of my favorite foods) and suddenly the words and ideas have been flowing. Some of these have been great, while others are a bit depressing, like that the current state of my next novel, A Life – dismal. It’s not my style and I’m trying but we’ll see what everyone thinks. It feels a bit forced. We’ll see how I can finish it to make this book better. Honestly, I’m much more excited about the rest of the projects I have planned for the year…like my sequel to Sleeping in the Morgue.

Who knows what will happen in the coming year but I am trying to be as open-minded as possible and remembering to take a deep breath before I allow things to get to me. It’s difficult, but no one said change was easy.

I recently read great books;

Boulevard by Stephen Jay Schwartz

Smart Mouth Waitress by Dalya Moon

Caught Up in Us by Lauren Blakely

Boulevard is intense but by far the most interesting protagonist I’ve read in a long time. Smart Mouth Waitress is fun if you enjoy YA sass. Caught Up in Us is an easy, enjoyable read for YA and NA fans.

What have you read lately? Anything recommendations?




  1. “Dare Me” by Megan Abbott – excellent novel. And “Money Shot” by Christa Faust.

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