Teaser Tuesday

In the spirit of “Teaser Tuesday” I’m going to be releasing the first monologue from my next “Moments of Truth” monologue workbook. I will have two of these coming out this year; one as a follow-up for teen girls and young women and another as the first book for women only.

Moments of Truth Monologues for Women More Moments of Truth

What makes my monologue books different than all others on the market is that they are workbooks for actors. Each monologue is accompanied with a page of questions for actors to ask themselves in order to prep for the character and give a better performance.

So here it is…the first teaser monologue…this dramatic monologue is from the more adult version –  Moments of Truth: Monologues for Women


Disappointment. It’s always finishing third in a competition between two. One in which you’re the only one who put in the work to win. One where you should be the clear victor. But outside forces take control and place you where they think you should be. And you, the one sweating from excitement and anticipation are pushed to the back. Swept away with the broom as if you never existed.

I’ve tried to comfort myself. I’ve tried to tell myself it’s just a phase and we’ll get through this. We’ll come out ahead. We deserve this. But you know what they say about hope, it breeds eternal misery. I’m starting to believe that. Every time we decide to try again and hope for the best we end up in the same place; on the floor curled up in a ball because the betrayal is too much. The fall is far worse than the rise in hope. And what use it is holding onto little moments of kindness, inklings of light if we know the shades will soon be drawn once more casting us into darkness?

Ultimately you have to decide, do you walk away or do you stick around and try your luck again on the next race? I was never much of a gambler. I spun the wheel once and hit it big with love. But you can’t keep winning the lottery. Slowly, all those winnings will be lost if we continue on like this. I love you but an ugly personality destroys a pretty face. You have to decide. We have to decide. Do we keep running the race or do we walk away while we’re still ahead?


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