25 Hours, 366 Days

Yes, I’m still alive. I know I haven’t posted in a couple weeks. Let me tell you what I’ve been up to…

So, I’ve been working hard on a kids television show called “Max and Wrigley.” I am extremely excited to be a part of this amazing production team and cannot wait to see the finished pilot in June. It looks like it might begin airing in the fall on national broadcast. I couldn’t be more excited, because for the first time this will be something my little boys will be able to enjoy!

Aside from that I’ve just been filling my time being a stay at home mommy, working on some ebooks for my alias and launching a website. Yes, a new website…www.utterlyboy.com. It’s my pet project to help me focus more directed energy and quality time with my boys. The entire site is about all things boy oriented. It’s been a learning experience, trying to figure out how to design and manage such a site. But hopefully others will enjoy the content I post and be able to benefit from it.

Now onto the title of this post….25 hours, 366 days.

I’ve been keeping a little journal since New Years which poses a new question each day and asks you answer it in a couple sentences. This goes on for five years so that at the end of five years you can compare your answers to the same questions over time. I really loved the idea and so far it’s been a lot of fun.

The other day one of the questions was, “What would you do with an extra hour each day?”

After thinking about it I realized it wouldn’t matter if I had an extra hour or eight extra hours a day because all I would do at this point is fill it with the same things; more silly work, browsing the internet, unfocused time with people and so forth. That’s when it hit me….I need to prioritize more, focus hard on each task so I can finish it more efficiently and really spend quality time with those who mean the world to me. Thus that is what I have been attempting to do…one step at a time.

I feel like I get in these cycles of achieving a lot then slipping back into a more blah pattern. Anyone else do this as well?

Therefore I thought, what if we did have 25 hours in a day and 366 days a year? I know we have 366 days every 4 years, but you know what I mean! What would you do with the extra time?



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