Read Across America Day

It’s “Read Across America” day!

What’s that? you ask.

It’s a day which aims to promote the importance of literacy – especially to children.

When I was a child my mother constantly reminded us of the importance of being literate. She said that those who could read and write were capable of doing anything they wanted. We were also poor and she had been her entire life so she understood other things; like how going to the library was free and reading a book could you take you on an adventure anywhere in the world. She often said, “You can go anywhere in a book. You can be anyone.” That still sticks with me today.

Thus I love this day. As of now my boys love having me read books to them. I hope their passion for books continue to grow more and more through the years.

So I urge everyone today to take the time to read a story to a child if you have the chance. I often find myself reading a story aloud to my kids in a public place and suddenly several other interested children gather around. It’s a wonderful gift you can give for free – the simple reading of a book or telling of a tale.

Help grow the minds of children by enriching them through reading.

Happy Read Across America Day!


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