Book Review – Faces On My Wall


I recently had the privilege of reading Faces On My Wall by Jesse Wilson. If you are interested in the performing arts this is an intriguing book you should pick up.

The story centers around Jamey Fuller, a cocky kid from California growing up in Hollywood being raised by a commercial spot director who wished he was making movies and pushy stage mom. After being accepted into Julliard’s prestigious acting school Jamey is faced with the realities of being an actor, dealing with deceitful peers, teachers and trying to make sense of the world around him. New York is a very different town than LA and while Jamey feels more like himself in the shadows of big buildings he struggles to find his own voice all the time in the midst of lust, success and failure. In the end it’s a coming of age tale which tests a young man’s strength to push forward and the ties which bind the relationships of his family.

Faces On My Wall was written based on Jesse Wilson’s own experiences at Julliard and beyond. I was fascinated with some of the tales of how classes and weeknights were spent by students, it was a fun look into this exclusive community. As a former actor myself I also enjoyed the chapters about his experiences auditioning for television shows, commercials and working with agents and such. There was a fair balance of the various storylines however I wish there had been more time spent on some of the smaller items while at Julliard – such as other classes, the buildings themselves and how the grandeur made him feel, the writing he did while in school and so forth.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is curious about what going to a prestigious arts school like Julliard entails, those who are interested in acting, or even those who simply enjoy the tale of a boy chasing down a dream.

Check back on Wednesday for my interview with author Jesse Wilson!

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