The Glamorous Life of a Writer – part 2

Welcome back to my sarcastic series – “The Glamorous Life of a Writer”

Most of the time in the past few months any writing I’ve done has been on my laptop, typically strategically placed on the kitchen counter so I can cook, watch my kids play and try to type a couple words at the same time. But every once in a while I get to visit this magical place called my office.


Now let me tell you, I did have a nice grown-up office once upon a time. Then move after move and the sudden need to switch rooms with my oldest son due to breathing issues and the humidity in the room (long story) and I now have a bright green and blue office covered with cars, planes and trains. Oh yay!

It’s really quite humorous to look at. I certainly can’t be depressed or down sitting in this room – it’s far too fun. There are planes on the ceiling and tracks across all the walls. It was adorable when it was his room (he has a Lego room now) but doesn’t work as well as an office. While I could repaint it and make it more of an office I simply don’t want to. We’ll likely be moving again in a year or two and so what’s the point.

Oh such a glamorous life as a writer! I crack myself up…

What does your work space look like?



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