Blogger Love-A-Thon: Mini Challenge #5 – Letter to Your Younger Self


The fun of the 3rd Annual Book Blogging Love-A-Thon continues with “A Letter to Your Younger Self.”

This one struck a cord with me and I probably could have written a novel on the topic but instead made it short and sweet. Hope you enjoy reading my letter to a much younger me.

Dear Younger Jennifer,

You’re doing great, much better than you think or give yourself credit for in handling life and dealing with every situation that comes your way. But here is my biggest piece of advice; don’t give up and don’t be afraid. Not everyone will like you. That’s their problem, not yours. You don’t need to worry about pleasing everyone. Make yourself happy and pursue things which bring you joy. Keep writing. You have a knack for it, but it will take years to develop more. Don’t stop.

There are dark days ahead which you can’t possibly prepare for so don’t waste time with worry over what might happen, instead know you are strong enough to make it through and the sunny days will help make the storm cloud-filled weeks seem less dreary. Enjoy those sunny days.

Enjoy every moment with those you love, it will serve as inspiration for your work and give you the motivation you need to stay up longer to get things done and begin your career.

But above all, don’t be afraid to put your work out there. You’ll be judged either way and that’s okay. Just write your heart out and know there’s so much more to life than the success some define for you – you determine your own success.


One of your biggest fans – Me



  1. “enjoy every moment with those you love” this is the best advice ever! Great letter 🙂

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