Book genres poll: What do you enjoy?

As writers I find we often try to put ourselves into a nutshell and typecast our writing. I totally understand the reasoning – it’s all about marketing. If you’re typecast it’s easy to market to a specific niche and target demographic. However, not all writers, especially those new into the world of novels (much like myself), have completely figured that out.

I write YA coming of age, contemporary, mystery, drama and thriller. But not strictly YA. I wouldn’t mind being known as a YA writer, however what happens when I release a non-fiction social commentary book aimed at adults? I’m curious how that would be received and perceived. Only time will tell.

One thing I do want to clarify though is YA (Young Adult) is not a genre. YA refers to the market the book is written for. In this case, young adults (really teenagers). YA novels can be anything from comedy to science fiction to drama. Those are the genres.

Even though YA is aimed at teenagers plenty of adults read these books as well. I for one do! I love YA novels!



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