What are you reading?

I went to a writer’s luncheon a few months back and listened to several authors discuss their craft. While there were lots of great tidbits the part that stuck with me most was the importance of being an avid reader to improve your writing. It’s true, the more you read the better you will write. That is, so long as you’re reading quality material. It got me thinking….I hadn’t been reading much. I blamed it on lack of time, too much to do with the kids (I did read a lot of kids books) and such, however, the truth was I simply didn’t make time for it. I needed to make it more of a priority. So I have.


Last month I finished reading a delightful murder mystery by Connie Archer entitled “A Spoonful of Murder.” It was right up my alley as I’ve never found myself to be a big murder mystery person. Connie’s work falls in the realm of “cozies,” murder mysteries which aren’t overly grotesque, violent or vivid with the deadly deeds.


Now I’m reading T. Jefferson Parker’s “Laguna Heat.” Now let me say, this book is more graphic with its brutality, however not so much so that I find myself cringing. The writing is excellent and there are aspects of his technique that I adore – like the locality of his novel to transport readers there. However, even though I’m not yet finished with the book I think it’s fair to say this isn’t my favorite, despite the stellar quality of writing. That’s where it just comes down to taste. And even though this novel may not be my favorite that doesn’t mean I won’t read more books from T. Jefferson Parker – in fact I’m sure I will because I enjoy his writing quality and general style. My work won’t be for everyone and I don’t expect it to be. That’s the beauty of things – we’re all unique and tell stories from our own perspectives and imaginations. In fact my grandfather who spends the great majority of his day sitting outside reading books read “Sleeping in the Morgue” and gave me his honest opinion. He said it was a good, clever story and he liked the originality of my storytelling but it wasn’t for him because he likes more violence. He wanted torture and blood and guts. It’s not my style to deliver those things. We have different taste in books and that is perfectly fine. I was just excited that he read it and said my writing overall was good. 🙂 Thanks grandpa!

I’m on Goodreads, where I have a reading list. Are you on Goodreads as well? Send me a friend request or follow my page: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/3081615.Jennifer_Tressen

So, what are you reading????


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