Favorite foods as inspiration

Anyone have certain cravings for food when you get inspired to write? Or do specific foods inspire your writing?


Lots of people turn to music, art, television and the outside world for inspiration, but what about food? It’s a huge part of our everyday lives and I believe those who really appreciate a good meal lead happier lives overall since eating is such a necessary and daily thing.

I find a certain peace and joy from eating. The truth is I absolutely love to eat. It’s almost a hobby for me. I’ve always loved to eat and was for years pleased with the simplest foods; bean and cheese burritos, homemade macaroni and cheese, raspberries and blueberries…easy treats. My husband is an excellent cook but rarely has time to do so these days so I’ve taken more to cooking. In doing so I’ve discovered a whole new world of flavor and grown my tastebuds. I now eat far more foods than I would have in past years. My experiences with food often mirror my inner life and have a very real emotional connection. My eating patterns change (both frequency and what I eat) based on my mood and sense of life. What I mean by sense of life is that daily inspiration we all seek to find happiness and meaning.

I’ve been finding some amazing recipes on Pinterest. You should try some of the ones I’ve pinned. Look at my food board here:


Does food inspire you? What foods do you yearn for?


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