Quentin Tarantino and the dark side

“Everything I learned as an actor, I have basically applied to writing.” – Quentin Tarantino

I love this quote for I feel exactly the same way. For those of your who don’t know, I grew up in the entertainment industry as a child actor. Well teen actor really, since I started at the age of 12.

Watching awards shows this past week has made me think of this even more. I always loved literature, but I became a storyteller when I started acting and learned the importance of stories and how to interpret them.

Although I’ve never met him, Quentin Tarantino seems to be a very mysterious man, but really I think he’s just one who is more in touch with his imagination and self than others. I did meet Quentin’s father Tony a few times and by all accounts during our encounters he seems to be a man who has found a way to make money off his son’s name and fame, however cannot at all craft a story like his son.

Quentin’s movies are not my cup of tea, but only because I’m not one who is typically into the crude language and violence found in his films. However, his storytelling is incredible and nothing can take away from that. Fan of the genres he works in or not, it’s perfectly crafted. And he’s right, it comes from an acting standpoint. He understands where the heart of the character originates and creates worlds around them. He follows their journey instead of making a brick road of a plot and forcing a character to travel down it.

Are his films dark?

Absolutely, because he’s brave enough to go there. He lets go of the fear and dives right in. He touches those places that are uncomfortable and make people squirm. He’s a master at it. There are many other filmmakers who do the same, they simply do not express the emotions with the same physicality and verbiage seen in Tarantino pieces.

I think I have a dark side as well however I am not yet brave enough to expose it. Maybe someday…


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