Being Scared of Failing

I have to confess, I have a fear. A fear of failure.

It’s probably held me back more than I even realize. I’m scared of not being able to do things, falling flat on my face with projects and looking like a fool with work. I have come to recognize the fear in myself but still do not know what it completely means. I’ve found that I just have to do the work though, no excuses, and put it out there to be judged. Good, bad, indifferent…I’ll never know and never be able to grow more if I don’t take that risk.

I have to stop letting the fear of failure stop me from writing something that perhaps could be incredible. Maybe it’ll flop and I’ll be criticized up and down by people, telling me to find a new career. But just maybe I won’t. I’m holding onto hope for that.

On that note, I always make New Years resolutions and accomplish some, but never all. I think it’s because I set the bar too high. This year I made very reasonable resolutions. I’m listing them below and you all can keep me accountable.

Teach my four year old to read

He’s getting to the point where he’s ready and I want to instill the love of literacy that I have in him. He already loves books so this will be a fun adventure.

Potty-train my two year old

My youngest will be two next month. It’s time to get him out of diapers and into big boy underwear. While potty training is not the most fun experience I will love not having to change diapers again!

Publish more books

Obviously this is a big one. I need to publish more books this year. Hopefully I’ll get three new books out to you all.

Grow my Twitter/blog/Facebook following to 2000 total

I’m fairly new to all this social media but I’d like to grow my fan base and followers on all platforms. You can follow me on Twitter here:, on Instagram here: and on Facebook here:

Sell items on Etsy

I like to craft (mostly sewing) in my spare time. I find it to be a good mind relaxer. I’d like to try and sell a few things on Etsy perhaps. If not on Etsy I’ll design items for Zazzle. We’ll see where the year takes me.

Drink less wine, more water

I used to drink more water than anyone else I ever met. I always had a water bottle in hand. Then I had kids and all that went out the window. I want to commit to drinking more water this year…and less wine!

Laugh more, worry less

The biggest one…learning how to stress less. More laughing, less worrying.

What are you resolutions?



  1. tiffiny223 says:

    I decided not to make any resolutions this year (at least not officially) since I never follow thru with them anyway. But there are some things I want to really put effort into this year. 1. Teach myself French (at least enough to get by in Paris). 2.Get started on this children’s book idea I’ve had rolling around in my head for a few years now. 3. Create less stress for myself; in other words, stop overthinking things. speaking of which, how do you deal with negative criticism? I think that’s one of the biggest concerns I have with living a more public life.

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