How many times have you found yourself saying “We’ll do that tomorrow,” “I don’t have time now, maybe tomorrow,” “I can’t, perhaps another day?”

Too many for me. I’ve found myself using those terms on a regular basis with my children and it’s disheartening. What is more important than them? We find ourselves so preoccupied and busy with meaningless tasks and overscheduled calendars that we often forget what really matters. They will only be little for such a short period of time. In fact, before I know they’ll likely want nothing to do with me. Their friends and activities and the latest trends will take priority. So what am I doing wasting my time on other things now? They should always be first.

So the next time my boys ask me to play dinosaurs just a little bit longer or read another book at night I won’t say no, sigh deeply or tell them “we can do that tomorrow.” No, I’ll take the time to do what they want. The laundry can wait, my computer can shut down and I can catch up on the rest of my tasks later. Those will be the things I’ll say “tomorrow” to, not more time with my boys. That is something I will never be able to get back.

What does all this mean for my work? Writing is a wonderful form of expression, something I need to embrace. It is also my job. Yes, I will continue to write. I hope to release much more work next year. However, it also means I may have to take longer on projects than I might hope. Books may not be released as quickly as planned. My career has many years to grow. I’m in no rush.

Around this time of year people often make resolutions and set goals for the future. My only true goal for the new year is to be a more attentive mother, a better wife and a more relaxed person. What are your resolutions?

Happy holidays everyone. My next few weeks are reserved for two special little boys. Talk to you all next year!


“I love deadlines. I love the whoosing sound they make as they fly by.” – Douglas Adams

I am terribly behind on all my projects. There are so many other things to do every day, especially during this season, that I’m finding it difficult to write much of anything. My children are, and will always be my priority, however I still want to work. It’s a difficult balance. One I haven’t yet mastered.

“A Life,” my next novel was supposed to be coming out this month. That unfortunately will not be happening as I haven’t even finished writing it yet! So, look for it closer to February. With that said, do you find yourself creating deadlines? Do you meet them? As a self-employed and thus self-scheduled writer it’s hard to stay focused and keep on track. I hope to become better at managing my “writing time” next year.

I’d like to publish at least 4 books next year. We shall see…

Sleeping in the Morgue book sale

Sleeping in the Morgue cover

Sleeping in the Morgue is on sale now for only $0.99! Tomorrow it’s $1.99 and then back to $2.99 for an ebook on Friday. Get it now while the sale is still going.

Ernest Hemingway and Blood


Ernest Hemingway said, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Read that again if you need, it’s important. So much truth is expressed in those two sentences. Good writing is often a purging of the soul; a glimpse into the heart of a author and what she finds important. However, statements like this lend themselves to the idea of only writing “what you know.” Personally while I believe many authors do this brilliantly, just as many writers are able to craft masterpieces purely from the depths of their imagination and perhaps a bit of research. Which then begs the question – is writing from one’s imagination writing what you know? I tend to say no, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic…

I write both ways; what I know and my imagination. In my latest book Sleeping in the Morgue, the protagonist has many things in common with my personality; but I’ve never lived in a mortuary, worked with dead bodies, killed people for money (or any other reason), amongst many other differences. So, does that mean I wrote “what I know” or used my “imagination?” I say both.

How do you write? How do you think some of your favorite authors work?