My favorite quote – I don’t have one

I have often posted quotes on Facebook and in my writing which become conversation starters. Quotes about kindness, generosity, writing, humanity and more. Recently someone asked me what my favorite quote is and why. I answered that I don’t have a favorite. The look they gave me spoke volumes. It was as if they were saying, “Are you serious? Who doesn’t have a favorite quote which inspires them? And you call yourself a writer?”

I know most people have a favorite quote or line. Something which inspires them or reminds them of a time they wished they could go back to, even if just for a short visit. I understand that. I have those. I also have quotes which motivate me, make me sad, remind me of my blessing, encourage me to expand my mind and those which teach me something new. I feel differently every day. I have unique objectives for the day, things happen which change my attitude and sometimes, by nightfall I don’t even feel like the same person as the one who woke up in the morning because of what has occurred. Which is why I don’t have a favorite blanket statement to cover all aspects of life and things I need and want from it.

I think it’s fine to have a favorite. I know my husband does. He has a motto he’s always lived by and it works just fine for him. I simply feel the need for different lines. Maybe it’s part of being a writer. The emotional need to connect myself in unique ways to ideas so that I am then able to delve into the subject matter more fully. I love different quotes on different days. Heck, there are even quotes which I once enjoyed and no longer connect to because my views have changed and I am not in the same place in life I was when it first sparked my interest.

Here are a few quotes I love:

“Character is what we do when we think no one is looking”

“It is not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself”

“Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them”

“It is the possibility of a dream coming true that makes life so interesting”

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face”
I also absolutely love quotes about children and their sense of wonder.

Now it’s time to open it up to readers. I’d love to read some quotes you enjoy.

Do you have a favorite quote? Why or why not?



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