What to write

These days I have very little time to write due to my job as a fulltime mom. However, when I do have time to write I often find myself asking the same question….okay, now what do I write?

I have several books in different stages; ideas, outlines, chapters written, editing, and so on. I also have the work of clients to edit, ghostwrite and such. Thus, the question always arises…what to write?

For me it depends on a couple factors namely being deadlines and mood. If I know there are things I need to complete for clients or to meet self-imposed deadlines I’ll try my best to work on those. But when the deadlines aren’t a worry I dictate my projects somewhat according to temperament. If I’m having trouble focusing on a novel or ebook I might write a monologue to get the things off my chest. I’ve found that the forced writing, in other words, writing something when it’s not naturally flowing out, is static. The basic structure is there but the life is missing. For me it’s harder to edit passion back in later than to edit grammar and structure once the excitement of a story is already laid out. Thus I love to write when I can focus on a story and dive into the emotional lives of my characters.

What about you? When you write, what do you write? What’s your process?

I’d love to hear from you!




  1. I also find that when I write when I’m not in the mood, it’s stale. When I’m good, it’s all creativity and metaphors and great imagery, and when it’s not happening, it’s all plot and boring movements from one scene to the next. I’m not sure how to get into that creative mood yet, I don’t know how to just turn it on…

    • It’s a hard thing to learn. You have to approach it like a job, but the emotions are difficult to control. I find I actually probably write my absolute best, most honest and most touching work when I’m angry. It’s not a place I want to have to go to all the time in order to have that magical writing connection, but it is for now my best frame of mind to get heart-wrenching work done. Good luck to you with your writing. I look forward to reading some!

      • Getting angry, that’s really interesting! I don’t think I’ve ever written angry before… Might have to give it a go some day!

        And thanks! Good luck with your writing too 🙂

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