The cold winds blow in…

New projects!

My Pretty Little Liars (PLL) novella is now up for sale.


They say “treat your friends like family and family like friends,” but in Rosewood, where relationships shift as quickly as the wind, who can you really trust? The pretty little liars begin to question the loyalty of one friend after a series of clues point back in her direction. Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily have always stuck together, however, this may just be one secret that even a pact written in blood can’t save. Is one of them really “A?” Or “Redcoat?” Or worse yet, “Black Widow?”
Only $1.99.  A fun and fast read for fans of the book series and/or television series.
Also, Sleeping in the Morgue is now available in print form!
Amazon is carrying it as well as Barnes and Noble and more soon.