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Last updated on October 1, 2013

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It is said that Leonardo da Vinci was a great artist, a sculptor, a mathematician, a mathematician, an inventor, a cartographer and a writer to name a few. No doubt he was a great man, but I’m sure.

We are all human beings, which means we all suck at doing what is done sometimes-especially.

Fortunately, there are ways to improve our performance and exorcie these demons. I’m dropping a pile today.

Try to implement it simply.

If you’re stuck in a stream and you can’t decide what you’re working on, you can use it.

It’s all about working in chunks. Work for 30 minutes, then take a break and do something fun for 30 minutes. I often read a book or just play a video game during these interruptions. And it’s good out there too. Of course, you can experiment with temporary blocks to find what works best for you …

Your brain is not a computer.

If you follow the tip #1 and have a passion that you are working for to gain more time, then you should be in order to refuse from time-to waste time-to spend the habit of watching TV shows that you are really not indifferent, viewing Facebook for several minutes, and so on.

Whenever I do something big, be that kind of an amazing connection to someone, an interview or a publication.

Do you want to save some residual effects of your latest achievement? Keep the journal about what you get every day. When you look at it, you’ll see your past achievements, and you don’t want to break the band, doing nothing tonight …

Specify an arbitrary daily deadline for all your work every day. Sean Ogle from Location180 only allows you to work.

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Do not use the main task manager as a daily action list-it can be overwhelming. Use a scrap of paper-or a system of type dross.

Just place two or three things in your daily list of cases. More will make you susceptible to it.

Working with a friend.

Experiment from work in.

To do things when others don’t do it. This is what I’ve been doing since I got out of my parents ‘ house, and it saves the boat load of time. Some examples: abrasion on Saturday nights (required only at dormitories with general laundries), shop at 10 pm or.

Create specific blocks of time for e-mail-one or two per day. Do not check the e-mail at any other time. resist the temptation to do so by closing the e-mail browser tab, if you normally keep it open …

I’ve never met with notifications of e-mails, updates on Facebook, and tweets don’t let you borrow it. Turn off push notifications for your applications, and only check them when you are doing a break from work …

If I like you, it’s really frustrating. Get tasks from e-mail and in.

Enormous projects may seem impossible when you look at them from the point of view of birds. Split projects into specific chunks that can be implemented in a short time. Keep it all arranged so you know what’s done and what’s left to do.

Web applications.If you have problems with subtracting sites, use Chrome like.

Try to work at another time of day. Early in the morning could be a great time to get a job, like anyone who could distract you, fall asleep. You can also work late at night if it suits you, but don’t forget to get enough sleep …

Barack Obama has his associates.

If you write paper and you can’t think of what to say, try it first.

The more you do, and the more you do, the more opportunities you have in your life-it’s as simple as that. People will want to work with you, get to know you and get your help. Unfortunately, you.

Before you start your basic work for the day, do the dishes. It’s an easy, low-level task that doesn’t take a lot of mental effort, so it really can help you make yourself easy.

You may think that the work is eaten in your productive time, but you will get this time ago (and more), using the benefits that will bring you. Better intelligence, focus and creativity are just a few. Besides, you’re probably not going to die so soon, so I think it’s an extra bonus …

There are days when I feel crazy and I just can’t do anything. My head feels like she’s full of static and she’s trying to do it.

If there is a task that you do regularly, there may be some technology that you can learn to use to make it better. Example: I have learned how to use some additional features.

This idea is simple, but powerful: just be.

If you apply simple.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, my work is legal during the day. Return to finalizing my incredibly annoying Magic: Wuthering deck ..

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